Guy Griffiths - End of the war

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


The first reaction was one of relief and joy. There's no doubt about it. "Thank God it's over". We threw a party on board because American ships were dry, of course. But, we had a beer and gave a beer issue when we could, so we decided to have a party and invite officers from the various destroyers and cruisers. We must have had about 400, I think, on our quarterdeck, kegs of this and ice, so on. It was like an extended party, I must say. Everybody drank until their heart's content and I don't think anybody was absolutely under control.

But, it was interesting. One observation of that party was one of our engineer officers spied or observed two other new engineering lieutenants on board, wearing shoulder straps, ours. He wondered who they were, so he went over to talk to them and found out that they were two of his stokers in his division on board, had gone down to his cabin and taken a couple of shirts and the shoulder boards and dressed up and had a great party.

Needless to say, they were disciplined and came up before the Commander. Great fellow, Copper Morrow. The fault was tabled, you know, a day or two later. Copper said to them, "Did you enjoy the party?" "Oh, yes sir. It was a great party." It really was. So, Copper, he said, "Right. That cost each ward room officer 35 shillings. Fined 35 shillings each." On caps and away they went. I reckon it was good justice that time.


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