Guy Griffiths - Japan surrenders

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1 min 42 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We had finished an operation supporting the Australian group going in to, Australian forces going in to Balikpapan. We came out of that and I think we headed north back to Subic Bay, which had become an American base, clear of Manila, but in Subic Bay, and of course, I was operating out of Subic Bay later in Vietnam.

So, the Shropshire went back with its group in Subic Bay, and we were waiting for notice of the, we learned the bomb had dropped, bomb one and then, there was bomb two and then the surrender.

I must say it was the most incredible feeling of relief. Incredible feeling. "Really? We're not going to have to shoot anymore? Really, tomorrow is an ordinary day? What's it going to be like?" So, a little adjustment.

I mean, everybody probably had more complicated thoughts than I did. That was the way it was. Tonight, they had surrendered, so tomorrow, we're not going to sea and we're not going to do this.


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