Guy Griffiths - Joining HMS Repulse

Running time
1 min 8 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well firstly, just a background, there were five Australian midshipmen who were posted to HMAS Australia, a cruiser, an eight inch cruiser, which at that time around about the end of '40, and we were still in North Atlantic waters.

By the time we arrived over in a merchant ship in about mid-February of '41, Australia was well on her way back to Australia, and so they looked around and found five spots for midshipmen and we slung our hammocks on Repulse on the 18th of March '41.

So, our life went through '41, what Repulse was doing, but eventually we chased the Bismarck in the end of May of '41. Didn't come into action, which is probably our good luck, because she was a formidable battleship.


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