Harry Locke - Bombing of Tobruk

Running time
1 min 7 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The Germans bombed us every day, I reckon we were bombed more than some of the cities in England, you know, and not only just one or two trains, but probably 20 or 30 flying over at one time and plus that, they had a long-range gun about twenty miles out from the perimeter that fired about a 210-millimetre shell which sometimes it exploded and sometimes it didn't and it used to go over and you could see it and it used to make a noise like a motor bike and when it hit the ground point on it seemed to roll forward, you know, it might go for several hundred yards before it stopped and didn't explode so but it was very frightening but fortunately, they didn't fire it too often, I suppose it was expensive to fire. We were in several fighting patrols and we lost several men in the platoon but I was very lucky I came out unscathed, you know.

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