Harry Locke - The Bren gun

Running time
1 min
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was a Bren gunner till we came out of Tobruk and then I got a promotion to lance-corporal. Well it's an automatic weapon that fires from a magazine of 28 rounds and it's got a range of about six, eight hundred yards, you know, but you could fire a full burst or just a single shot, you know, but we were only allowed one per section and, there's like, three sections in a platoon and I was the Bren gunner for No. 3 section and I remained in the same platoon, in the same section, right throughout.

Just very lucky and lots didn't come back, and, oh yes, yes, there were only one or two country boys in my section, the others were from the city but when you're together for so long, you're more or less all mates.

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