Harry Locke - Defending Tobruk

Running time
1 min 18 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When we arrived back in Tobruk, I think it was the 1st of April which was April's Fools Day and my brother's birthday and our captain sang out, "Fix bayonets and be prepared to fight." We were in a raging dust storm and I couldn't even see anybody between you and me, you know, and we just all stood still wondering what we were going to do but because it was toward the end of the dust storm we were placed in cement posts, they were originally built by the Italians and there was like a section, a platoon in each post and we were in R5 and the next platoon was R6, and R7 and that went right, just about around the whole perimeter which was about 26 kilometres around and you didn't remain in the same post all the time, you got shifted to other posts or you got shifted to the blue line which was the next line back in defence and you spent probably a couple of weeks there but in between times you still went out through the front patrolling at night but you got shifted around all the way around Tobruk.

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