Hautie Crick - Job as a runner

Running time
1 min 54 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


They asked me would I take on a runner's job and I said 'What's that?' you know.

'Oh a runner does messages, takes messages to wherever they want to.'

I said 'Oh yeah. Yeah.'

But they said 'You'll be posted to Brigade headquarters.'

I said 'What, do I have leave the company?'

'Yeah because your messages will come from Brigade.'

I said 'Okay.'

So anyway, I took that job on.

I used to have to bring out the messages every afternoon around about 4 o'clock or something to the Battalion. I'd give them a map reference of the night patrol. They used to send out a section of men to see what the Germans were doing outside the perimeter and they'd also shift their mines and the Germans would be shifting our mines and this is what goes on. So they tried to find out where this big gun was that used to shoot into the harbour at night time sometimes and in the afternoon.

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