Jack Calder - El Alamein

Running time
1 min 28 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well, as far as El Alamein was concerned, there was very little, we were in the back parts for quite a long time where we practised attacking with tanks and all those sort of things. We would exercise to keep fit. Those that had tummy problems would get it attended to so that they could keep in with the rest of us. We had a lot of motor vehicle problems where they'd get stuck in the stand and you'd have to get rid of them.

That was purely, mostly manual work until we got up into the front and we're up around Ruin Ridge area where you'd go out on a patrol in the night, find out who was who, where so and so was and all the rest of it. And the night that we went in onto the attack, we knew where everything was because we'd been there before. That's about it, later on I believe, things did really happen but I can't comment on that because I wasn't there.

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