Jack Calder - Escape

Running time
4 min 33 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Eventually in early 1945, the Americans were sending thousands of bombers over Germany of a daytime. The English or the RAF were sending them over at night time. I happened to "pal up" with a Welsh fellow, who at that stage I believe was a Warrant Officer in the Welsh Guards. He'd been around the area of Austria since Dunkirk way back in 1940. He knew all the farms, all the rest of it. And we had an agreement that if the opportunity came, we would, escape. Fortunately it did come one night.

The English bombers came over The guards were too intent on trying to save themselves and their families and Taffy says, "Right, off." So we went up into the mountains and we stayed in the mountains every day. At night-time we'd go down to one of the farms that this Taffy knew of, we would thieve maize meal, anything that was edible, some water and we'd go back and spend the rest of the day up in the mountains. And that went on for a couple of weeks, at the same time we kept moving South all the time.

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