Jack Calder - Italian irregularities

Running time
2 min 2 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I came back from leave. We were, what should I call it? We were... You'll have to excuse me for a minute I've lost my thought. We were interviewed by the intelligence people and we were told that if we had anything that we wanted the intelligence people to know, that we were to write it out on paper and let them know. There were six of us, four Warrant Officers and another two of us sergeants.

We wrote six foolscap pages on the... irregularities carried out by the Italian Carabinieri and the Italian police in North Africa and in Italy. We gave it to the intelligence people. They read it and they said, "Sorry, we can't believe this... The Pope would not have allowed it." My reaction was, "Why? I'm telling you." "It wouldn't be allowed." Said, "Good, thank you. Can I have my six sheets back, please?" They gave them back to me, we just tore them up. The same applied with the other five, got the same-

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