Jack Lang - 'all of a sudden it would be on'

Running time
1 min 23 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Yeah, the fighting was like that, you'd just go along and all of a sudden it would be on. As I said, unless they told you, you know, you're going to attack this place or this place has got to go, or the villages and that. That was bad, fighting in the villages.

You had to put your head down to get in the doors and that and you didn't know if you'd get it blown off. They were bad and then you couldn't do much because there was women and kids in there and you couldn't, sometimes, oh it was hard really, fighting in the villages because you couldn't throw grenades in there because of the kids but anyway we got around it.

It wasn't bad but I felt sorry for all the kids. Poor buggers. They don't know where their parents were or anything. Yeah, make you cry when you see them. But they never complained. They weren't going along crying and some of them had horrible wounds, you know.

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