Jack Lang - Buzzed by own plane

Running time
1 min 13 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We got shot at a few times and we were having a rest and they opened up on us and I hid behind a bush and it was just like a rose bush. One of the blokes took off down towards him and he never had his rifle. We yelled out to him he's going the wrong way. He turned around and shot up back over the hill. You laugh. Another time we had, we used to have turns going to fill our section water bottles and it was my turn this afternoon and I went down to the well and filled them up and got halfway up the hill and I had all these water bottles on and I heard a plane coming and I turned around and oh, this plane coming was straight at me. I threw the water bottles and dived in the ground and it was one of us and he took off, he come in buzzes the hill we were on. Yeah, it was funny.

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