Jack Lang - Fighting and ambushes

Running time
1 min 41 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Most of it was just attacking hills, it was hills on hills. We finished up, you'd get up them alright if you one leg shorter than the other.

Yeah the fighting and that generally it just happened that quick, you know, unless they told you before, you know, they told before you're going to attack that place and you knew what to expect but it's all right after the first blue that you had, you'd know what to expect but a lot of the times they'd try and ambush, come in at night, blowing those blasted bugles, signal bugles and I remember one bloke.

A lot of the bugles they blew were signals for them to attack or withdraw or something like that, but they were blowing and blowing these. He stood up out of his foxhole and told him what he'd do with the bugle if he ever showed up, where he'd put it. We said, 'Sit down you stupid bugger you won't last long.'

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