Jack Lang - K-Rations and an oxen

Running time
1 min 42 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


If it wasn't for the Yanks again, we'd have starved. It was bully beef or biscuits, we had them for a while, but you couldn't blame the cooks and that because we were up in the hills a lot of the time and they couldn't get tucker up to us.

The Yanks give us these K-Rations and they weren't very fill but there was three meals in them that would last you three days. We ate 'em all in one go and then we'd scrounge round, sometimes in the villages we even pinched, I suppose, the kids' pet rabbits and we had them and vegies, dug 'em up and made stews out of them.

One time we were up in the mountains and a bloke come up with is ox, you know, his cow, carting wood up for us and he got up there and, I think it was some of the boys from A Company, at any rate, they shot the cow and carved it up. The poor old bugger he went down the hill crying, probably his only possession. We ate the cow, yeah.

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