Jack Lang - Under fire from a sniper

Running time
57 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


A mate and I after the blue were sitting on the side of the road. That was a funny one. A sniper had a go. We were pretty close together, only a couple of feet from each other, eating a tin of beans. A sniper had a go and we blamed the Yank. There was a Yank not far away, a Yankee paratrooper and he was, don't know what he was shooting at, but he was shooting at something and we blamed him.

And the next, only a few seconds later another, he had a go at us again and took the brim off the side of me mate's hat. He said, 'That's a bloody sniper.' Anyway, they spotted him and a bloke went and snuck up on him with a Bren and fixed him up and we were blaming this Yank.

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