Jack Lang - Voyage and selling blankets

Running time
1 min 18 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Oh that was an old, it was the Ching Te (?), I think it was called, we left here in Sydney and went up. Yeah that was just like all ships during the war, it was pretty rough, yeah. But, yeah, it was good.

We went from here to Hong Kong, first, and then we went and stopped at Hong Kong. That was funny because a lot of us never had much money and we started flogging the blankets off the ship, we had all the Chinese, there was a big heap of them on the wharf, we were selling the blankets, and one of the lieutenants yelled out 'What the Hell is going on down there?'

The Chinese took off and we're left standing there with blankets around. We got a bit of a roasting over that. Just as well he did otherwise, we might have dismantled the ship.

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