Jack Lang - Winter

Running time
1 min 5 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


If it wasn't for the Yanks giving us warm stuff, we would have froze to death. A lot of blokes did freeze to death but not so much Australians but a lot of other nations, some of them froze to death.

It was, winter was unbelievable it was that cold. You couldn't, the Yanks give us gloves with the trigger finger in them so you couldn't touch the bolt of your rifle, it stuck, it was that cold. We'd go up to the well and lean against the well and drop a big rock down to break the ice to fill our water bottles up.

It was, I think it was the coldest year they'd had there in about twenty years and we had to be in it. The winds off Siberia and that, freezing.

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