Jack Thomas - Arrival at the Burma-Thailand railway site

Running time
1 min 53 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The day I arrived, we'll call it Konyu because that's where I did arrive and that was the starting place on the railway and I was on a Japanese truck. I had come from Java to Singapore, Singapore to Ban Pong and from Ban Pong, that was on the train, I got into some Japanese trucks. Actually, they were allied trucks. What did they call them? What sort of wagons were they? Oh, they were trucks.

Standing up. I had a banana that day and that night we arrived at a place called Tarsao which was on the Kwae Noi River and we had our first experience of how primitive the sanitation was going to be.

The next day, still on our trucks, I arrived at Konyu. We were on the spine of a range of hills and we had to, we got off our trucks and descended a very very steep descent. I later found out it was five or six hundred feet of descent. It was very very hilly country and I did not know on that day that sometime later that year, this was in January of 1943, sometime later that year the path I took down that very steep hill was going to be traversed by a railway line. I had no idea but it did.

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