James Kerr - A spoonful of charcoal

Running time
1 min 5 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


You've got to remember we never had any sweet things. So your three meals of rice a day if you're lucky, and a very watery stew with some pumpkin. So there's no sweet stuff going into your mouth to, you know, cause cavities or anything.

That's the thing. I can remember using charcoal on my tooth, never had toothpaste. I remember using charcoal. Of course, if you had diarrhea that was the medicine. If you went to that doctor you get a spoonful of powdered charcoal. Never had medicine or anything like that. I might be mistaken there I remember using charcoal on my teeth. I've said that to my dentist, about using charcoal. So I might be mistaken there, Courtney. We certainly never had soap or a towel, or anything like that.

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