Jean Scott - Women's Land Army | Second World War

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Jean Scott was part of the new class of working women, the Women's Land Army, and recalls her role in challenging the positions women took during the war.


LIZ HAYES: I'm Liz Hayes. For International Women's Day 2019, we recognise the role of women in wartime. Women like Jean Scott. During the Second World War, with most able-bodied men having gone overseas to fight, it was up to the women to take over many of men's jobs. A new class of working women formed what became the Women's Land Army, which included Jean.

JEAN SCOTT: The farmers and the government didn't consider that the girls would be capable of doing the work. However, we showed them that if we couldn't do the work the way the men did, we initiated our own way. For myself, I wasn't too sure that I was able to do the work. Having been a photographic assistant, suddenly I was traipsing through orchards with 15 foot ladders to carry around. I almost ran home. However, a letter from my mother put the end to that, when they told me how proud they were of me, and I stayed for nearly four years and enjoyed every moment of it. If it hadn't been for these girls I'm afraid the pantry of the pacific wouldn't have been filled and there would have been a lot of hungry people in Australia. And there was a lot of satisfaction in knowing that we were certainly helping Australia win the war.

LIZ HAYES: Women in Wartime – recognising their role and their sacrifices during war and peacekeeping efforts.

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