Jenny Firman - Acceptance of women in the services

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53 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


All the services have their traditions and cultures, which you might think, "Why are they doing that?" And I'm certainly no naval history buff to understand the history that might come to that, but that's part of the culture and you just accept it, move on.

I think early on, occasionally I'd hear, often it might be a senior sailor outside my door saying, "I'm not going to see a woman." But that would rarely happen these days and, in fact, if I look at the services completely for a while when I was in, there weren't that many women in senior ranks in the services, so I was often the only female in a room.

But these days, for health, for instance, the senior leadership is all female. So the Navy and the services have moved on, just like the rest of society has.

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