Jenny Firman - Improved opportunities for women

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58 sec
Date made
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


When I did medicine, 30% of the students in my year were women, so we weren't an isolated group, if you like, in that setting. And that was the same across most of medicine, that there were more and more women doing medicine, so it wasn't so unusual, more unusual than every other role in the Navy though.

But as a doctor you've sort of got a different position than other roles in the Navy and I certainly didn't feel like my colleagues ever treated me any differently, apart from the fact when I first joined, because I didn't go to sea, I was told by my boss at the time, "Don't expect to go on any courses, don't have any special postings because you're never going to sea.

Your male colleagues though, they'll enjoy that because they will be going to sea. And I thought, "Oh, well, you know, only three years to go". But, as I said, that changed that year and then, indeed, I did go and do similar sorts of courses that they did.

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