Jenny Firman - The Navy as a good source of organisational training

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59 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was at the Department of Health at that point, working in the, what's called the Office of Health Protection, looking after communicable disease threats and health emergencies … Health, was really understanding and they would say, "No, absolutely, you should be doing this".

I personally think that the work you do in Defence, not just the Navy, is a really good way of preparing you to manage lots of things and to manage lots of people. Not all doctors do the same sort of development as they go along in their careers and have the same number of people to manage and have to do the same sort of leadership training.

So I think the Navy work really helped me think about how to do things at an organisational basis in the whole of the organisation. Rather than thinking about a small medical team, I've got to think about the whole, and that's really useful for planning at the government level as well.

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