Jenny Firman - Reflecting on a long and interesting navy career

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1 min 16 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


My career in the Navy offered me heaps of opportunities, lots of different experiences. Over time, I've gone to some reunions of my year in medicine and it's really interesting the journey of how my career was perceived by my friends at the time because in the first reunion I went to and I can't remember how many years that was, a number of people felt a bit sorry for me that I hadn't gone on to become a specialist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

And at that point I'd done quite a few other things, been to sea and I thought that was really quite interesting. I certainly wasn't earning the same income as they were. And then, you know, another ten, 20 years would go by and people were a bit more sanguine about their own careers and said, "I wish I'd had the opportunity to go and do different things." And now they all say, "You were so smart doing that. That was a much better thing to have done".

So I think it's sort of, with the wisdom of years and your expectations, you perceive what you've chosen in terms of your career in a different light. You know, I think I was fairly fortunate, my timing was excellent and I had great opportunities and a really interesting time in the Navy and they were really supportive of me the whole time.

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