Jenny Firman - A ship's emergency team

Running time
48 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Jervis Bay used to be a car ferry, I think, before it became commissioned into the Navy. And I had my own cabin so it was very comfortable compared to lots of naval vessels.

The daily routine would be that we'd run a sick parade, a clinic, you know, first thing in the morning and see anybody who was unwell and then during the day there might be exercises just to keep everybody alert; Man Over board exercises.

We had a ship's emergency team. So that's where other people on the ship who aren't medics are trained to assist should there be a health emergency so that they could help you put up a drip, put dressings on, look after people if you needed more people in your team. So they sort of learnt some extra skills and we trained them up.

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