Jenny Firman - Understanding veterans

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1 min 19 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


I'm still in the Reserve probably for a little while longer and really I can come in to assist Defence if they wish me to … but I don't do very much Reserve work these days and that's probably a combination of working here at DVA and, of course, COVID and how that's affected everybody …

I work part time in general practice and always have done and I often think when I see a service person, there's an element of trust. I know what their job is. They know what my job is. I respect their job.

When you're at sea, you have to respect everybody who's on the same ship as you as one day they might save your life and that's quite different relationship than there is in the civilian setting where you might not know about that person in their life to the same degree of detail. And certainly you wouldn't see them as someone who one day may save your life.

So I think lots of ex-serving people and veterans when they go to see a health professional, relax when they see a doctor that understand things, what they've been through, understands that trust relationship, if you like. And the same thing happens here when we talk with veterans. Veterans want to know that you understand everything about them.

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