Jim Price - Anti-tank practice

Running time
1 min 36 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


A mate and I we put on a, we joined a gun crew, with an anti-tank gun. It was a captured Breda anti-tank gun. It fired a two pound armour piercing shell.

Then two days after we were there, I'd never seen a gun before, you know, and I trained and they decided to take Jack and I back to the Blue Line, that's the reserve line and there they had another two pounder Breda anti-tank gun out on the firing range and the dummy tank was being pulled across, not towed across, winched across I think and we had five shots to see if we could hit this tank.

Well I hit that tank three times out of five which is pretty good shooting at 600 yards and the tank was moving at about 12 or 15 Ks, I suppose, and my mate he never hit it at all. He was a city boy. He didn't know anything about shooting. But, you know what? About a week later I got news the army had given me one shilling a day pay rise. Yeah well on the farm, you know, country boys are used to shooting and I'd also joined the rifle range up in the Mallee. So I knew a bit about shooting a gun.

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