Jim Price - Japanese suicide

Running time
1 min 44 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The first time we met the Japs a couple of days after we were crossing this, the Busu River I think it was, 'cause you know the Japanese marines were coming up the coast to meet the Aussies and a couple of the 23rd boys, they'd gone down earlier to sort of meet them and while they were sleeping at night a Jap patrol passed them and they waded out to sea and two of them, Corporal Schram and that were awarded medals.

When we were crossing this creek, we were supposed to cross the creek and go around behind the Japs along the coast, the Japs opened up and I was half way across this bloody river. You wade across it and they opened up on us and the bullets hitting the water.

I was a bit closer to the bank we'd just left so I turned around and ran on water almost and the other boys kept going and they went along the bank and crossed the creek and came back.

Then we retired about three to four hundred yards, I suppose, and were just waiting there.

Later on we got orders. The 48th Battalion passed through us and they met the Japs and we just followed just after them and there was one Jap, they didn't want to surrender and this Jap just put a grenade to his guts and blew himself up.

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