John Abraham - Sending ships to Singapore

Running time
1 min 1 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We had to come back, pick up this convoy of the seventh divvy and some of the sixth, and we were heading back to come down to Sydney, to come to Australia I should say, and we received, I'm only saying this 'cause what happened, we received an urgent signal to detach four ships from our convoy to go to Singapore, to assist. And I felt terribly sorry when I learned later on what happened.

We sent four ships into Singapore. They got there in February before Singapore fell. And they became, after fighting El Alamein, all those things. They were taken POW. We felt terribly sad about that, but it wasn't our decision, we had to do as we were ordered. And so, we detached them, and they went, they became POWs.

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