John Abraham - Training

Running time
1 min 18 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was just happy that I was able to keep up with the very stiff gymnastics work required and all the five-mile runs we did, and all the heavy work we did. As well as that, overnight, you took your turn on being sentry, doing a patrol around the area.

Gas mask training we had, of course. And they went in, and they even stripped your mask off with a little taste of mustard gas. They gave you all that. Using gas mask, anti-flash equipment, the necessity of using it so that gunfire flashes you had your anti-flash equipment on. You were pretty well-trained but lacked the experience when you left there.

One time only, that I remember, you ran with full pack. That was only around the oval. And the other thing they did, you had to swim with all your clothes on, boots and all. You had to swim the length of the ... Not everyone did well, but they did by the time they finished their course. But I could swim, so it didn't worry me. But you had to swim, boots, clothes and all. In case you fell overboard.

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