John Abraham -Transporting soldiers

Running time
58 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Our main ports there, picking up troops, was Calcutta, Madras. Trincomalee, we used to go there but that was a Naval base and Colombo. But when we'd pick up troops, we would only come back, and they'd have the troopship loaded.

All we would do, sometimes we didn't did get ashore, turn round, take them. We were putting that many troops in there, as much as we could. Occasionally we'd have to go to assist them as ships had been torpedoed. But we couldn't stop because we had nothing to protect ourself.

So, what we would have to do was radio our message and usually, Nestor or Napier or Vendetta would come out, or Vampire would come out to the position we'd given them. And they'd pick up the survivors. But we never ever stopped to make ourself a target. We had no anti-submarine defence at all.

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