John Cummins - Convoy dangers

Running time
1 min 49 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well, to tell you the truth, the first night I got dressed in all my clothes and went to sleep like that. The second convoy I went in, I was in normal sleeping gear. If you get hit, the odds of getting away from it were very small. So, it was no good going to sleep in gear. And don't forget, it's very cold up there in Iceland. So, you used to dress for the cold. But luckily, I was spared that.

But I met people who had been, I met one cadet, and he'd been in a small boat after his ship had been sunk. He'd been in that for about 30 days. He wasn't all that good. But lights, if you showed a light anywhere, there'd be yells and screams to black it out. Jerry used to come with the subs and sit on the outside of the convoys. Used to be five or six lanes of ships. And at first, Jerry used to stay on the outside. And then they started coming inside the channels of the ships, to get closer.

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