John Frewen - 72-hour leave

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


Because we're on the advanced party, we were among the first people to get access to, we had two 72 hour leave periods. We didn't have a chance to take... I'm just trying to think now… leave. The first leave that we took was a 72 hour leave pass to Nairobi. And I went with a couple of fellows on the advanced party. And we flew out on a UN Russian aircraft, got to Nairobi and then had this sort of very condensed period of time that we made the most of in Nairobi. We jumped on the night train down to Mombasa and then sort of turned around and headed straight back to the Nairobi.

The 72 hours was gone. But the second one that we went on, we then went on safari out to the Amboseli National Park. So it doesn't sound like a long time, but you can do a lot in 72 hours when you're coming out of place like Rwanda into, in some ways, an equally exciting sort of environment as well. So in those days, Kenya was... it was a relatively safe place to visit. Many of the people who went on leave there did get into sort of trouble with muggers and things in places like Nairobi. But we had a fantastic time in our two 72 hours leaves.

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