John Pope - Defending the posts

Running time
1 min 44 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The posts were S, Sugar 6 and Sugar 7 were the two posts we had the most to do with. They would have been, at least, two hundred yards apart, I suppose, or metres, I should be talking in that, not gone totally metric, they were concrete posts with underground accommodation, they were fully self-supporting but each one had, they had passageways and open areas but each of them had three or four firing, circular defensive posts, really, where you mounted your Bren guns or Tommy guns, or rifles or whatever you had but they were impossible places to defend because you had to, there was this concrete surface of the post, you had to put your head above it and the Germans were in a tank about 20 yards away from you and as soon as you put your head up, boom, so virtually about all you could do was throw grenades at them.

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