John Pope - Firing over open sights

Running time
1 min 36 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


The Royal Horse Artillery, British gunners played a very vital part in the defence, I won't talk general history which everybody knows now. We were quite dependent on those but a lot of infantry, the battalion boys, in the battalions, the Germans, the Italians didn't destroy all their guns that they left behind and the regular artillerymen taught our infantrymen the rudiments of firing these Italian guns and ammunition, of course, that they had left behind and the German tanks would appear on the horizon, they'd fire over open sights.

We didn't have any ups and downs or anything, just push it around and aim the barrel and fired wherever the Germans were coming from, just pulled the lanyard and hoped for the best. More misses than hits of course, but enough hits and I think the Germans considered us far greater defenders than we actually were. I don't really think we were adequately in a position to hold Tobruk the way we did.

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