John Pope - Madame DuPont's cocktail party

Running time
1 min 53 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


At the time in Paris, Madame DuPont and her husband was one of the head of the Marquis and she was accepted by all the generals and what have you, she took us along to a cocktail party that, I suppose they were discussing tactics officially, but there was we in our rugged filthy old gear that we'd escaped with all these generals in their brass fruit salad…

The Americans were always condemned, well not condemned, but described as having their medals as fruit salad, so she was rapt, I've got photos at home actually up in her flat, her husband was out still, although Paris had fallen there was still pockets of the enemy that they wanted to clean up and make sure but anyway he wasn't with her so we didn't get to meet him but we had to meet all these fellows and they were most interested to hear our story and we were most interested in having some of the goodies they were enjoying at the cocktail party.

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