John Pope - Sent to England

Running time
1 min 51 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


He gave us big fuel containers and C rations and plenty of, and a note to say that these three Australian prisoners of war making their way down to Paris we should be pleased to receive any assistance you can render them on their way through and they did. Took a few days to get down but we were fortunate that in two of the places they had evening shows and really high, I've forgotten the name of them, you know, they were probably Bob Hope type.

We'd never heard of Bob Hope or anyone while we were locked up as prisoners but they really looked after us and we joined up with, stayed with the Americans all the way down and thought this was pretty good, better than going to Australians and anyhow I still had my slouch hat and the Australians… called us in and shot us over to England to Eastbourne where the headquarters was for receiving the ex-POWs so we were back home, well not home, back at post.

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