John Pope - Training in Tobruk

Running time
1 min 52 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Then, to continue our training were taken up to Tobruk with no thought in mind that Rommel was going to come. We were just up there for training. Well, it was pretty rugged desert. We didn't see much of the actual township.

We were taken out on, there was a perimeter, a fortified perimeter all around Tobruk and we were moved from post to post and had lots of sham attacks pretending the enemy was coming and, of course, when Rommel did come back they had to tell us this time it was for sure, you know, Rommel, the Germans are attacking Tobruk, so we had to post sentries, one sentry to every 50 yards or something.

The troops coming from Benghazi back to Tobruk they built up the defence of Tobruk but when we first got there we were just there for training purposes and then the situation changed very rapidly.

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