Liz Cosson - Assessing risk

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


We did have an incident at one of our team sites where some of the rascals did cause a bit of grief for the team site and the commander of the team site was able to secure the site and called it into the headquarters and everything was fine and nobody was injured.

But there was also still a case of no-fly zones across the island where we had to be cautious where we're operating the Iroquois at the time to go on to the team sites, particularly for resupplying and checking in. But you were alert, I don't think there was a day that I was really alarmed or the commander was alarmed but you were certainly very alert to any of those risks or those dangers.

And our team sites because they were so remote, the commanders of those different sites were very conscious of not leaving their team isolated, they would always go out in groups and pairs and making sure that they were reporting back if there was any risk and the local community, because they wanted to find the peace, they were always sharing with us and telling us where they were detecting some unrest or some threat.

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