Liz Cosson - The best I can be

Running time
1 min 7 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I think that anybody who feels that they're not up to the job, just to back themselves in and actually have a look at the fact that you're selected for roles because other people have confidence in you.

So live up to that confidence and know you can do it. And using and channelling that, it gives you energy. It's a whole issue of don't become, don't turn it into frightened, flee. Turn it into strength, to then do the best you can and work out, "Okay, this confidence in me to do this job. I'm going to do the best I can".

And I've often said I'm not necessarily the best at any job, but I will always be the best I can be. And sometimes I can look out there and say, "Well, that person might have been better. But that person wasn't selected. So therefore I have to be the best I can be in this job."

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