Liz Cosson - Christmas planning

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


Before I went to Bougainville, that's when we had deployed into East Timor and I didn't think I would ever go to East Timor. And I never did. And the planning for East Timor was my role in land command at the time. And as a logistician, that was one of our biggest challenges.

To be frank, we had outsourced a lot of our logistics. So that was a lot of planning to do to find all the equipment, and to make sure that our supply chains were in place for East Timor. And so by the time I went to Bougainville, East Timor was up and running and I do recall one of my jobs, in land headquarters was to plan for the Christmas entertainment in East Timor.

And we were planning for the entertainment for Bougainville and planning for the entertainment in East Timor and, of course, everyone wants to go to East Timor but we were lucky we had the RMC band that came to Bougainville for our Christmas lunch and entertainment. And that was so special.

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