Liz Cosson - Closeness and connection

Running time
59 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I certainly learned so much. And just our defence forces, that we share the same values. And we share the same will to make life better for others and to assist them in a humanitarian way. I mean, a lot of people forget that when you're in the military, you're not there to fight a war, you're there to find peace.

And when you're contributing to humanitarian operations such as that and starting to know the local community and the individuals in those communities together, it does create a bond and you learn about each other's countries. And being able to cook of an evening, we had rosters on who was going to cook the evening meal and our Nevan colleague, I mean, he wasn't the best cook, but he did sort of muck in with us in the kitchen and it was just a wonderful feeling of closeness and connection

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