Liz Cosson - Contact with home

Running time
1 min 14 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


It wasn't the era of the mobile phones, it wasn't often, we did have satellite comms that we could tap into but that was very costly. And so once a week, I remember, we'd all take it in turns to have a call home and home could call us or we would call them.

We had the facility in our house to take those calls but also in the office the commander had a call back to Australia when we needed to. But home, I used to write and the Herc would come in every week and the mail would be delivered and we get the mail bags delivered. And it was such a thrill to know that you have mail, you've got a package from home.

My husband sent me a package from home every week, just little treats that he'd send me and that was just, it was lovely. The old-fashioned way of getting correspondence and packages and then the RSL, of course, at Christmas sent us our packages, care packages. And the troops, I did, we all did, we just loved that when that flew in and those bags were delivered to us.

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