Liz Cosson - Doing what they needed to do

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1 min 8 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


We just knew that we were the first and we wanted to demonstrate that we could do this. And we had a couple of soldiers who had then decided to enlist as an officer and go through their officer training. And they were great, you know, they wanted to show us and help us and support us because they'd been through it in different ways, through different recruit training because don't forget, in 79 female recruits and female officers, it wasn't integrated training, that didn't happen until the mid-80s.

So we were just prepared to do what we needed to do to show that we could do it. And I don't think I ever sat there and thought the army wasn't prepared for this. I just saw a group of officers and instructors that wanted to get us through. And they did what they needed to do to help us get through. They were never trying to demonstrate we couldn't do it. They were there to demonstrate we could do it.

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