Liz Cosson - Imposter syndrome

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1 min 23 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


I do often talk about the imposter syndrome and it's not, it's not just gender specific either, which is quite interesting when you talk to people that they do have a sense that they aren't the best person for a role. And that was certainly how I felt. And I thought I would let people down if I did take up that position and I also felt that I was taking a role that others might be better suited to.

But you're right. All the training, 20 years of doing all of that preparation. That's one thing about the army that I am so proud of, in our whole of Australian Defence Force, they prepare you, they will never send you somewhere that you are not prepared to go. And they will make sure that you have got all the skills that you need and you just need to have the courage and I often talk about that, that courage to step outside of your comfort zone and say, "Yes, I can do this".

And then you go through all the force preparation that you do, which once again prepares you even more further for that particular deployment that you're going on and our Australian Defence Forces is world class in its training, in its preparation of its forces to face any challenge in any deployment.

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