Liz Cosson - Relaxation

Running time
53 sec
Date made
Place made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We did lots to relax. We used to go swimming. It was just as I keep calling it, it was just a paradise to be able to go for a swim of an afternoon, but just connecting with the troops, I mean, just to be able to go into Lololo of an evening where'd they have a show.

And it was always wonderful when we had new rotations come through from Fiji or New Zealand and we'd have the haka, and we'd have the welcomes, and it was just full of that community spirit, and relaxing, reading, just talking, just sitting and talking, or just going for a walk, there were so many things that you could do. And I never I felt tired, but I always felt refreshed. It was just such an uplifting experience.

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