Liz Cosson - Reopening a school

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1 min 15 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


I always felt that we were held in high regard. We went to church every Sunday morning, Frank Roberts and I and others, we'd walk with the community of Arawans into the church and they wanted us there. They felt that we were there for them and that we were there to assist them in something that they so desperately wanted. And so they welcomed us there. And would come to our house, they would talk to us.

The first school that reopened in Arawa, I recall, they asked the commander for us to come and help open and I stood up on the stage in front of all of those families to open the school and it was something I was so proud to do. And you could see it in the community, how grateful that they were that they were able to rebuild their education for their kids. For, you know, some of those kids had never been to school because they'd been in a fighting situation for over a decade. So it was such an important time for them. And they welcomed us.

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