Liz Cosson - Understanding the mission

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


I did speak to several of my colleagues that had already gone up to the truce monitoring group, as you mentioned, and the leader of that, he was a pretty gruff colonel but he sat down and talked to me about what I could expect, and that it was not going to be soft, and how I could prepare and make sure that I considered what the mission was, particularly now as it was a peace monitoring group.

And I had the opportunity to talk to previous Chiefs of Staff to get some insights from them on how I could make sure that I was ready to assume that responsibility did a bit of research into the commander of the peace monitoring group at the time F. X. Roberts, just to know him and to understand what his style of leadership was because as his chief of staff I needed to be prepared to support him in that role, it was at a very crucial time for the peace monitoring group.

And understanding the mission, understanding what our role was going to be, was really important. And the best way to do that is by talking to people who had been there.

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