Liz Cosson - A wonderful experience

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


We worked as a team and all the representative nations. So we all came together and we had that shared vision, shared mission, shared aim that what we were there to do was to help the people of Bougainville recover and re-establish from 10 years of conflict, to rebuild their community, rebuild their schools, their church, we were just a team and I lived in a specific house.

So it was known, with the commander and myself and Yvonne, senior representative, and our senior New Zealand representative, we were all in the one house and so we were able to live and dine and talk and just reflect on a day's events and talk about the days ahead.

And it was just a wonderful community feeling as well, being able to live in the middle of the town, and every morning, we'd get up together, the house, we'd all get up and we'd go for a walk very early before our day started.

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