Liz Cosson - Working in a different way

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1 min 5 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


It was Christmas Day, in 1999 where the officers, of course, serve the troops and where all the troops were sitting in Lololo and those that could come in from the team sites were there as well. And I'm just looking around the tables and I'd say, about a third, and a lot of them played some key roles, particularly in the headquarters in the planning area.

And when I'd have my briefing sessions every morning, there was a good mix of male and female. But our medical team were just wonderful and we had female doctors and nurses and certainly in the logistics area.

So, yeah, women play a really important role and just understanding that we are different, but also a huge contributor in a different way in it, certainly, as I mentioned, my role with the commander complementing the commander, but also being able to influence, as the commander couldn't influence.

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